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Breach and Attack Simulation

A Proactive Way to Reduce Your Risk Profile

Yellow Dog Networks Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) service helps organizations minimize the impact of a real attack by finding vulnerabilities before the attackers do.

The BAS service is an automated emulation of threat actors TTP’s (tactics, techniques, and procedures) against information systems within your organization’s environment to determine how effective your current controls would protect, detect and defend those systems from attackers.

BAS is a great service for organizations that are executing annual penetration testing. The service can be used throughout the year to fill in the gaps, allowing the security team to identify and mitigate issues on a regular basis, providing a better return on your organization’s investment.

  • SIMULATE ATTACKS: Infiltration, Lateral Movement, Exfiltration
  • PRIORITIZE RESULTS: Identify where attacks are successful & target critical issues for actionable results
  • REMEDIATE: Initiate automation for immediate fixes

Request a Demo of the Yellow Dog Networks BAS tool and get a look into the methods used to deliver attack simulations.

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