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Network Security Monitoring

Cybersecurity threats will continue to advance and multiply, requiring companies to keep pace by deploying a wide arsenal of solutions and spending millions to protect themselves. Most large organizations have deployed endpoint security solutions, but as breaches to these systems show, this is not enough. Companies are asking, “What’s next?”

Adding network-wide visibility is the necessary best next move to protect your organization. Our Network Security Monitoring service (NSM), powered by Corelight Sensors and Zeek, give a comprehensive picture of who’s doing what in your organization – a solution that’s quick to deploy, is among the least disruptive, economical and hard to beat for effectiveness.


  • Deployed out-of-band: They’re not intercepting primary network traffic, but inspecting a complete copy.
  • Stealthy: Since Corelight Sensors are out-of-band, attackers have no way of knowing they’re present and therefore can’t evade them.
  • Lightweight & more efficient: Zeek logs are a fraction of total network traffic, making the time window available for retrospective analysis larger.
  • Structured & relevant data: All logs can be easily ingested in to your analytic stack removing the logistical hassles of setting up logging systems.
  • Compatible with your existing stack: Corelight Sensors are engineered to provide data and detections that improve existing SIEMs.

Alert Has Fired. Now What?

See how an incident response might use Zeek logs to quickly resolve an event.

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