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Roadmap Session

Yellow Dog Networks understands the fast-paced technology world where everything is moving at an exponential rate, and we also understand the challenge to keep up. That’s why our team is devoted to helping leaders get the most out of technology.

 We help leaders:

  • Understand the technology currently in place
  • Evaluate security strengths, weaknesses and risks
  • Get educated on dynamic end-points and impacts
  • Choose the right technologies
  • Educate your team on maximizing the investment


As your Trusted Advisor, Yellow Dog Networks intent is to identify current capabilities, outline desired outcomes, and create “big-rock” action items; providing a quick snapshot of your organization’s situation and move you in the right direction to achieving a mobile first network and security architecture.

No-Risk, Quick Start Approach

A 60-minute Rapid Start Session with a Yellow Dog Networks engineer to outline and understand current capabilities and develop strategic next-steps towards your desired outcome. You will leave the Jump Start Session organized and ready to put your “big-rocks” into an executable action plan.


Why the Roadmap Session Works


Pre-Work begins with a scoping call to conduct a deep-dive conversation to focus on your specific requirements, what success looks like for you, business impacts/pain points, identify critical questions and decisions, and establish the scope of work you have in mind.

Week One Session

Week One focuses on documenting the organizational roles and responsibilities, identifying tools and resources available to you, assessing your current situation and known SWOT elements, defining a future vision and identify gaps between current state and vision. Lastly, we will outline and review the “big-rock” next steps needed to achieve success.

Week Two

Week Two is dedicated to finding mitigation, developing a high-level action plan and testing the “big-rock” steps outlined in Week One. We will add detail to plan, refine impact statements, outline roadblocks, re-calibrate priorities, task ownership of action items and conduct a summary review of the working engagement.

 Week Three

Week Three is all about execution. We will finalize the Big Rock action plan by identifying any overlaps and required resources, as well as, assigning ownership.  Testing, testing, testing! We will test the roadmap internally and externally and update with feedback.

Executive Playbook

Following the conclusion of the Strategic Roadmap Session, Yellow Dog Networks engineers will write an Executive Playbook document. This document will include core findings, the high-level action plan, recommended actions, all notes and whiteboard images, and suggestions on how best to utilize Yellow Dog Networks to successfully complete elements of your big rock action plan.


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