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Professional Services

Yellow Dog Networks provides services on Enterprise Networking, Data Center Infrastructure and modern security solutions. The company hires industry experts in their chosen field, provides them with the appropriate resources which allows them to work autonomously to create a successful practices under the Yellow Dog Networks umbrella. The leadership weaves each of these area of expertise into a seamless offering for the Yellow Dog Network’s’ customers.

Yellow Dog Networks understands that each customer's requirements, resources and budgets are different. Our design and engineering teams use their technical expertise and experience to implement the best solutions for each individual customer's needs. 

Yellow Dog Networks offers project design and implementation work as well as technical break-fix offerings. The breakdown of specific technical focuses within our professional services are as follows:

  • Enterprise Wired and Wireless Networking

  • Virtual and Physical Data Center  Infrastructure 

  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery 

  • Security Infrastructure 

  • Voice Services

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