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M3Power: Manage



Data Protection and Disaster Recovery as a Service


A company's data is its most critical asset. Ensuring your data is consistently protected helps mitigate modern risks to your business. M3Power provides multiple options with on-premise and cloud backup solutions so you can remain confident that your data is safe from any micro or macro-disaster.



Infrastructure Management


From monitoring your networks uptime SLA to patching your server and endpoints, M3Power provides management, monitoring, and incident remediation for all aspects of your infrastructure. M3Power's staff includes experts in Enterprise Wired and Wireless Networking, Storage and Virtualization, and Microsoft Server and Infrastructure products.

Strategic Consulting

M3Power's value comes from our variety of experts in multiple technical subjects. This service provides overall leadership, direction and high level resources that understand the complexity of solving technical and business issues with an understanding of budgetary restrictions and operational fluidity. This service flows through the single project lead that will coordinate all internal technical resources on your behalf.

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